Aumack in New York, Michigan and Canada

The Canadian Aumack branch of our family has fascinating connections dating back through Berrien County, Michigan to Montgomery Country, NY and ultimately back to Theunis Janse Van Amach (Amak) who was born in Denmark, the son of Dutch Settlers in 1650.

Theunis Van Amach came to North America in 1673 as part of the Dutch fleet sent to save New Amsterdam (NY) from the British.  He married Jannetie Brouwer in 1677 and was the progenitor of this line, of which the name variations are many.  They include Aumack, Aumick, Omick, Amak, and Aumock among others.  Theunis and Jannetje had 9 children.  The children eventually married and had equally large families. We have many Aumack cousins all over the USA. The Aumack family tree has been extensively researched by Trevor Kirkpatrick of New Jersey.

A fourth generation Canadian Aumack named Liam was born in the Saskatchewan the summer of 2008.  The name is alive and well.

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