Jerusha DOW (1843 – 1922)

Great Grandmother DOW

My husband’s great grandmother was Jerusha DOW (1843 – 1922)

She was born the 08 March 1843 in Dowville,York County, New Brunswick. She married Edmond HILLMAN on the 19 Jul 1863 in Southhampton, York County, New Brunswick. She died on the 21 April 1922.
Her husband Edmond HILLMAN (1831 – 1914) was born on the 10 Nov 1831 in
Canterbury, NB. He died the 30 March 1914 in Greenbush, NB

Jerusha Dow marries Edmond Hillman - Source The Book of Dow, 1929. Accessed at
Jerusha Dow marries Edmund Hillman - Source: The Book of Dow, 1929, p. 709. Accessed at


The children of Jerusha Dow and Edmond Hillman were:

  • Mary Ann “Annie” Hillman
  • Isabella “Belle” Hillman
  • George Nelson Hillman
  • Moses D Hillman
  • Horace Greely Hillman
  • Cora J. Hillman (my husband’s grandmother) (1874 – 1965)
  • Elsie Hillman
  • Jasper Hillman
  • Judson Hillman
  • Sylvia B Hillman

My husband and Dick Eastman ( are distantly related through their DOW lines.  Their common ancestor is Henry DOW (1577 – 1613).  Dick is fortunate enough to have an original copy of The Book of Dow, which was published in 1929.  (details below).

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