Picture Scanner: Lovin’ my Flip-Pal

Flip- Pal Picture Scanner

I’m joining the chorus.  I love my new Flip-Pal scanner!  Love it!

We purchased the Flip-Pal picture scanner at Rootstech 2011.  The booth was packed every time I went by there but hubby managed to get my name on the waiting list for one of these handy picture scanners and stood in line to buy it when they arrived at the exhibit hall!  (what a sweetie!)

DearMyrtle did a nice video demonstrating how the Flip-Pal works (see above).

This amazing little scanner is battery operated and writes to a SD card.  It is perfect for scanning family photos and will even do larger photos.  Special stitching software brings scans of large photos together.

What I like about it:

  • Portable – I can take it to Mom’s house to scan photos
  • You can take the lid off and hold the Flip-Pal up to a picture on the wall and SCAN
  • can scan independent of a computer
  • can handle any size photo (stitching software pulls it all together).

I could go on and on about this picture scanner but I’ll spare you.

==> Visit here for more details on this amazing picture scanner


UPDATE – Where to Buy:

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