100 Years of Military and Medical Advancement: Canadian Legion Magazine

#cdnhistory.  Learn about 100 years of military and medical advancement and more. Legion Magazine has great content (as always) for historians and genealogists in their July-August 2010.
Edward J. Kerr's Medals, WW2, Canada
Edward John Kerr’s War Medals, WW II, Canada

A sampling of the articles:

Then & Now:

  • Bandages From Rags to Glue
  • Ambulances:  From ‘Flying’ Horses to Whirlybirds
  • Antiseptics:  From Carbolic Acid to Antibiotics
  • Scalpel:  From Cleavers to Lasers
  • Stethoscope:  From Paper Tubes to Computers with Ears
  • Anesthetics:  From Whiskey to Modern Locals

65 Years of Liberation

  • Where Heroes Rest – Veteran Affairs Canada Leads a pilgrimage to the Netherlands.
  • Moving Ahead With Remembrance – Why the Dutch never forget.

Battle Honours of the Canadian Forces: Part 16: Ypres Salient 1917:  Opening Offensives

Canadian Military History in Perspective

  • Army:  Closing Out the Italian Campaign
  • Navy:  Complex and Troubled Years
  • Air Force:  Arctic Investigations

If your ancestor or living relative is a soldier, or you are interested in Canadian history, consider reading the Legion Magazine.

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