52 Weeks to Better Genealogy: Google Scholar: Left handed Kerrs and Carrs

Amy Coffin of We Tree has challenged us to check out Google Scholar for Week 27 of 52 Weeks to Better Genealogy. Google Scholar searches academic publications and can provide genealogy gems you might not find elsewhere.

An academic publication of interest to us KERR researchers studies the left handedness of the Kerrs and Carrs.  This study was prompted in part by folklore that Kerrs/Carrs were fierce Scottish warriors who could ward off any enemy with their left handed swordsmanship on the left handed spiral staircases in their castles.   (See my post of January 2009 entitled “Are you a Left handed Kerr or Carr” )

This is where Google Scholar comes in.  I used it to see if I could find the full text version of the academic article.   Google Scholar came through….here it is:

The handedness of Kerrs and Carrs by Duncan Shaw and I.C. McManus, British Journal of Psychology, 84, 545-551, 1993.

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