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DNA Genetic Genealogy Predictions for 2011Growth of Genetic Genealogy

Thomas MacEntee at Geneabloggers has asked readers to comment on genealogy industry predictions for 2011.  He links to a previous post with several predictions.

My prediction for 2011 is an increased growth in genetic genealogy.  Here are my thoughts – do you agree?

  • More and more genealogists will use DNA not only to break down brick walls but to verify the paper trail.
  • Interest in one’s personal genome will continue to be a hot topic. People ordering tests for medical reasons at companies such as will become interested in their family history when their non medical genetic profiles match those of genealogists using DNA to make cousin connections.
  • Family Tree DNA will see an increased growth in the number of participants signing up for their new Family Finder Autosomal DNA testing.  Y-DNA surname studies will continue to remain popular and will become even more useful for genealogists as the number of participants increase.   More and more people will order mtDNA testing in order to learn the secrets of their deep ancestry.  FTDNA will continue to lead the industry as the company most chosen by genealogists for DNA testing.
  • The cost of DNA testing for genetic genealogy purposes will continue to decrease as new technologies come on board and the economies of increased scale come into play.  Case in point –‘s introduction of a new chip/microarray that can test up to one million SNPs, thus doubling their previous capacity.   Launch level pricing at $99 (now $199) makes it more affordable for those testing for both medical and genealogy reasons.
  • The genetic genealogy world will develop more functional analysis and reporting tools for autosomal DNA.
  • And my final prediction –  the scientists on the Genealogy-DNA Rootsweb forum will continue their heated and valuable discussions thus advancing the field of genetic genealogy for the benefit of us all.

What are your predictions for 2011? Please comment below.

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