Rootstech Keynote: Shane Robison of HP

RootsTech 2011, February 10 -12. Salt Lake City

Rootstech 2011, the genealogy and technology session began with a bang!  Held in the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, the opening session was attended by over 1900 people.

Shane R. Robison,  HP

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Keynote speaker Shane R. Robison,  executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Technology Officer of Hewlette Packard Company stated there has “Never ever been a more exciting time in technology in the world”.

My notes from his sessions –

He feels information technology (IT) is changing – we are seeing a shift to the I in IT.  Information itself will become the primary topic.

There are 50 billion gigagbytes of data created.

Macro forces are really important.  Population is the biggest contributing factor.  The global middle class is swelling, 2 billion people online.

The wave of the future is Globalization and Innovation with expanding economic opportunity and raising our collective standard of living.

One of the biggest areas of grown has been seen in the gaming world.

He suggests Productivity + communication/collaboration + fabric of society will lead toincreased information access and creation integrated into everything we do.

In 2010 we saw an increase in Mobility and Cloud computing.

The future will provide information to  people through a service based business model and user interface.

Cloud will mean fundamental change in the way information served up.

With the service based business model the customer will only pay for what we consume.


Opportunity =the  mobile internet will be 10xthe volume of the desktop internet.  Cloud services were $46B 2008 and are predicted to reach $150B in 2015.

Information in the palm of your hand aka the “swiss army device” is not in the immeditate future.  Robinson predicts that we will see a

consistent user experience across variety of devices with an intitutive user interface.

There will be a families of devices that won’t look like traditional devices.

60% Milennials ignore corporate IT policy.  He sees 130M Enterprise users in the mobile cloud by 2014 and a fully integrated mobile world.

Our impact:  changing the equation.  We’ll see answers for society’s most vital issues: healthcare, education, the environment

Right info, right place, right time.

Think about changing.   Incredible amount of change
ie netflick vs block buster – happening faster and faster

Facebook 0 to 50 million users in five years…look at growth of facebook.

Other examples – Amazon, Microsoft,Google,rockspace,IBM

“Prosumers” was a term Robinson used.

There is open innovation at HP Labs – reach out to the community.

Security integrated into everything HP does.  Analytics are important. 

Intelligent infostructure with a Services based business model
Sustainabilityis the heart of this.

Information is power!

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