Tintype: Horace Greeley Hillman

Horace Greeley Hillman was the brother of Cora Hillman, my husband’s paternal grandmother.  Horace was born September 13, 1872 in Woodstock, Carleton County, New Brunswick.  He married Edith Marston on the 26th of June, 1900.  According to the 1881 census he was living at Southhampton, York, New Brunswick.  He died 15 January 1955 in St. John, NB.

Horace Greeley Hillman - tintype
Horace Greeley Hillman ( 1872 - 1955). New Brunswick. Note the hole in the tintype. From the private collection of my mother in law.


Horace Greeley Hillman - back

Horace’s parents were Edmond Hillman married to Jerusha Dow (my husband’s great grandparents).  His siblings included.

  • Mary Ann “Annie” Hillman
  • Isabella Belle Hillman
  • George Nelson Hillman
  • Moses Hillman
  • Horace Greeley Hillman
  • Cora J Hillman married to Ward Beecher Miller of Royalton, New Brunswick (my husband’s grandparents)
  • Elsie Hillman
  • Jasper Hillman
  • Judson Hillman
  • Sylvia B Hillman

The tintype is in held by my mother in law in an old trunk (details private).