WILSON Recipe -Skirlie – Scottish stuffing for turkey

Skirlie – Scottish stuffing for turkey

Another heritage recipe, this one from Granny (WILSON)Kerr with modifications (addition of the almonds by my brother inlaw Neil

Large flake oats enough to stuff a turkey and a bit more? NOT instant 4 cups approx.

1- 2 large yellow onions depending on size of turkey

Slivered almonds – approx. ¼ of what you use in oats
Butter and Olive oil for sauteeing

Salt and pepper and sage for seasoning

Chop the onions fine and saute them in the olive oil and butter. Don’t cook them too fast –
they should be translucent, soft, not crunchy burnt. Add the almonds just prior to onions
being done.

Add butter and the oatmeal and lower the heat. Liberally sprinkle with sage and poultry

The idea here is to let the oatmeal cook slowly and absorb the butter and get crispy. You will
likely need to add butter and /or olive oil through this stage.

The final product should be slightly crisp on the outside like a stuffing, now add salt and
pepper to taste.

Stuff the bird and keep some out to dry in the oven when the bird is almost done. Prior to
craving the bird take the stuff out and mix with the dry skirlie and then place back in the
oven while you carve the bird.

Can be used for a meal itself as listed in many Scottish cookbooks.